Why I Love The Genesis GR510 from Cal Spas

We’ve never had a home spa and I always wanted one so we decided to go with the Genesis GR510 from Cal Spas and it’s been nothing but awesomeness. Spa is amazing. I like all of the features of our new Cal Spas spa. We were looking for a spa for three years and almost bought a major name brand for lots more money (more than $8,000). We have been impressed with the performance of the jets and comfort of the tub. I am 7 feet, my wife is 5 feet and we both are comfortable in every seat. Very happy with the sales staff, Alis, for going out of her way of accommodating us in the showroom ten min before closing and staying for almost an hour and helping us on our purchase.

This spa is very easy to take care of. I noticed only about a $10 difference in my electric bill so definitely not a budget buster to operate! Also first thing you will notice is these look much nicer in person than the photos! Get lots of compliments from the neighbors.

Thank you Cal Spas!